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BE you, that "YES" moment!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Every single person IS unique and special. I love being a photographer for many reasons; at the top of the list is getting to know people and seeing their personality come to life. I look for those true self moments - it passes by quick so I have to keep an eye out for it. It's always a gut feeling I get when I see it come through. These are ALWAYS my favorite photos from a session. They can't be forced, you just have to let it unfold. Sometimes it's in the first 5 minutes of a session and sometimes it can be the last photo I take. It might be between everyone saying cheese - yes we all still do that LOL!

I wanted to share some of my favorite "YES" moments with clients in the hope that this inspires you to be yourself everyday and NOT be afraid to bring that out; let the magic happen at your next photoshoot - be it with me or any other photographer.

PHOTO STORY: This is a personal favorite, this is my daughter and "her" puppy. The funny part is we had blocked the puppy from coming into the studio with a small gate so she wouldn't knock down the studio lights. Well, obviously that didn't work! Our pup comes running into the set with all her love, energy and chaos. I just kept clicking and this was the result. Totally unplanned and by far a favorite.

PHOTO STORY: In all transparency this was one of my first sessions getting back into being a business owner photographer. I was a little rusty and out of practice, but not nervous. Why? Because this family is awesome; the most friendly, caring people. Em is friends with my son, as he has dubbed her his BFF. She is the most amazing kiddo, with so much love and kindness. The crowd was telling her "Say cheese Em!" And this is what I captured. It is so her. I believe she was asked to put her hands down, but I said "put them right back up girl!" I LOVE THIS PHOTO! And I have at least 5 more capturing Em in her complete essence. So much personality in this kid, love it!

PHOTO STORY: This is a recent one, 2 days after Christmas. As many of you know it was freezing in Cincinnati! My friend Katie and her siblings wanted to gift a family photoshoot to mom, loved the idea. This photo was taken the last 5 minutes of the session as I was leaving. I asked if we could all go out on the front porch of this historic Newport home. Note cute little girl in her Elsa costume she got from Santa with the umbrella. If you look closely everyone was saying "Elsa!!!" So glad we got this photo because it is my favorite from the entire session.

PHOTO STORY: And sometimes it's those quiet moments where no one thinks you're photographic them - but you are!

The point of the shoot was to capture Caroline at the front of her historic school, but there was an event and a lot of people where we wanted to shoot. So we started in a grassy area off to the side of the school. Luckily it was golden hour and I had thrown this chair in the back of the van before leaving the house.

PHOTO STORY: This newborn photoshoot was so tranquil and chill, but they're babies and YES they cry! Part of being a more documentary style photographer is you capture the story and what unfolds. Don't worry, this picture took 5 seconds and then baby was off to feeding or sleeping, not sure which one.

PHOTO STORY: We're family so when I was asked to photographic Kate and her sister I was ecstatic! Kate's parents and I are all from creative backgrounds, so we had a lot of people giving her direction. Being who I am I said, "why don't you guys go hang out over there and Kate and I are going to do a photoshoot LOL!" Kate asked - "What should I do?" me - "Be yourself!" and BAM!!!!

PHOTO STORY: Cindy and her son Luke were waiting for me to grab my stuff so we could move to the next location. As I looked over she was giving him a little motherly love, and Luke being almost a teenager, these moments are rare. I dropped everything and started clicking away to get this great photo of the two of them.

PHOTO STORY: With 3 boys you don't know how long you have them for at a photoshoot. This photo was the last one of the day. I asked "Can we get one more of all the boys giving dad a bear hug!" Two seconds later they all ran inside; they were so done with me - LOL!

PHOTO STORY: The day of our second Holiday themed sessions it snowed. I asked the Ackerman family if they wanted to get some snow shots, it was so beautiful. My neighbors have these 3 amazing evergreens that made for the perfect backdrop. This brother and sister duo were so natural and cute together! This was 10 minutes of the two of them playing around in the snow.

PHOTO STORY: My gorgeous niece asked if she could have a photo session in my new studio. I mean I wasn't going to say no - look at her! We had a blast, and apparently she thinks I'm funny. Studio shots can have a lot of personality and be candid as well. Candid doesn't have to equal on-site, in home and headshots don't have to be corporate and boring!

I could go on and on but I'll leave more for another day. Hopefully your take away is to let go of the "say cheese" ideal photograph in your mind and embrace a bit of the unknown, allowing magic to happen and our true selves to shine through a little bit more.


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