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Paws for a Cause

Our Paws for a Cause event was a great success!!! I mean just look at all these furry, cute little dog faces.

Kudos to Patti & Paige Levine for coming up with this amazing idea as a fundraiser for Paige's contribution to the American Heart Association. You can read her story and why this is important to their family. You can also donate to Paige's campaign.

If anyone knows us they know that Stella and I LOVE dogs! This couldn't have been a better fit for our families to partner. Stella was an amazing dog whisperer, being able to get our furry friends to sit for the camera. Of course there were a few that we had to chase around, but that was part of the fun.

Each pup had such a unique personality, I was amazed at how different the photos turned out for each dog. Take a look for yourself and I dare you to try and pick a favorite. I know I couldn't!



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