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Fun & Friendly Shoot

Anyone who knows this family gets it! They're some of the most welcoming and giving people I've ever met. I'm so thankful that our kids became friends at school. When Mandy asked if I would photograph them in their backyard I had to contain my excitement. The love and personality that came out in the shoot was beyond my expectations! Thank you guys for a wonderful afternoon and I get to call this work, woo hoo!

Picture perfect, even the dogs are looking at the camera.

Can you believe this is their backyard! I mean, it was just asking for a photoshoot.

And this gate; it's a photographers dream.


Keeping it simple for this shoot with a couple soft cubes I had hanging around the house. To think I almost donated these last year, ha!

I love when I can capture people truly being themselves! This is one of my favorites from the entire shoot.

And this little guys said "that's a wrap!" Very last photo of the day as I was packing up. I couldn't help myself, he was so posing for me.


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